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Welcome to Bevista Oy and Kameleon Deli’s webpages


The operations of the companies are divided as follows:


Bevista is the company taking care of the sales to the retail channels (grocery store chains etc..). The company is founded in 1984 and is an import & marketing company of beverage and food brands.


Kameleon Deli is the company taking care of the sales to the horeca/food service-channels (cash & carries, logistics centers for restaurants, cafeés and bars). The company is founded in 2007 and is a specialist in food service products, bringing the best solutions for professional kitchens.


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Bevista Oy – Food & beverage import and brand building since 1984. Mr. Juhana Rytioja and his wife Mrs. Pirjo Rytioja founded Burritos Ltd (former name of Bevista Ltd) in mid 80’s because of their passion to the American food culture and because there was not such products available. Burritos was a true pioneer on the field and together with many restaurant owners introduced the Tex-Mex and Cajun food to Finnish consumers. In 1997 the company started to import also beverages and soon the company had a good portfolio such products. In 2009 Juhana’s and Pirjo’s son Peter became the Managing Director of the company. The company also changed its name in the same year to show that the company is much more than only Mexican and American food products.


Kameleon Deli (company name Kameleon Group Ltd) has been operating in the food import & production and marketing business since 2007. The company’s core value has allways been to bring best quality professional food products to restaurant- and home kitchens.


In 2014 Bevista Ltd and Kameleon Deli made an agreement to divide the operations so that both companies can better focus in its core business and to better serve suppliers in their needs. This way the companies can offer a supplier better service in both retail store and food service markets.


Phone: +358 10 323 5430

Email: bevista@bevista.fi


Office address / Ambient warehouse 1:
Säynäslahdentie 20



Chilled food / Ambient warehouse 2:

Kameleon Deli / LTP Logistics

Viinikankaari 8

01530 VANTAA



Frozen food warehouse:

Kameleon Deli / KWH Freeze

Viinikankaari 6

01530 VANTAA